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6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture

December 10th, 2013 | Posted by EnergyEarth in Green Crafts & DIY Projects

Upcycling furniture is green and a great way to save money! On top of that, you’ll get to decorate your house in a completely unique way. Remember before you pay full price at a mass retailer to take a closer look at what you have around the house or what’s at your local estate sale or thrift store for some great finds – we think you’ll be happy you did.

6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

Folding Chair Do-Over – Design for Mankind

Don’t throw out the rusty or scratched folding chairs hiding in embarrassment in your garage – remake them! A simple coat of paint and little bit of scrap fabric will make those sad seats festive again and save you big bucks over buying all new ones.

6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

Sewing Table into Cooler and Drink Table – Sweet C’s Designs

Turn a forgotten, old sewing table (or other random table you have shoved in the back of your storage unit) into a super functional serving table! The best part of this creative upcycle? The storage space turned into an ultra-chic drink cooler.

6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

Upcycled Spice Rack – The Speckled Dog

Your old spice rack can be used for countless repurposes! Something as simple as a coat of paint can turn this once-useless item into a great piece to organize anything from nail polish to books in any room of your home.

6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

Stockade Fence into Plant Shelf – My {Re}purposed Life

Found wood and old fencing can be turned into a seriously shabby-chic plant stand for your backyard for almost nothing. Embrace the rustic and leave it all-natural or give it a fresh coat of paint for a more updated look.

6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

Beautiful, Colorful Chandeliers – Addicted 2 Decorating

Breathe life into old chandelier fixtures with a couple of coats of paint in a fun color! This simple upcycle can be done in a free afternoon and refresh your whole room quickly and easily. And don’t forget to make that newly painted lighting fixture energy efficient with money saving light bulbs!

6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

Coffee Table into Diamond Tufted Bench – Home Coming

Refresh that unused coffee table in the attic and give yourself some extra seating with this beautiful bench upcycle! And who doesn’t need more seating? Put it away when you don’t need it and pull it out when you do, this simple project is a great addition for any home.

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