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Green is the New Orange: A Guide to a Green Halloween in 2014

October 30th, 2014 | Posted by EnergyEarth in Green Tips


Halloween season is upon us! We’re well into fall and approaching winter. To celebrate we’ve put together a few references here to help you enjoy a green holiday and save money over the coming winter months. Fall is a the perfect time to take care of some chores around the house while it’s still warm enough to get outside with minimal risk of hypothermia, so get out and get involved! Without further ado, here are a few resources we think you might enjoy:

From The Dirt on Green! Ghouls, Ghosts and Green! 5 Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly

There’s a pumpkin seed recipe, Halloween costume ideas and tips for decorating.  Check it out and you’ll be the most popular house in your neighborhood this year!


From Networx Sayward Rebhal: 12 Tips for Making Halloween Eco-Friendly

“Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but unfortunately, the standard celebrations are often out of line with my ethics. For example, almost everything associated with Halloween is disposable, single-serving, or synthetic. Eek! To me, needless waste is a whole lot scarier than ghosts or goblins.”

Click the link above to see Sayward’s 12 Tips!


From The Dirt on Green! 10 Fall Weatherization Tips to Keep the Cold Out

The EnergyEarth Team came up with this great list of weatherization tips around this time last year. If you didn’t read it last year, you should definitely check it out this year. These tips will help you save money throughout the Fall and Winter months for years to come.

Don’t worry, there are no impossible DIY tutorials here, we made sure that you don’t need to be a Certified Electrician or an HVAC Professional to knock out these green chores. We try to keep it simple. It’s the little things like using energy efficient space heaters or installing an energy saving thermostat. Anyone can do it!


From The Green Halloween Blog’s Lydia Mondy:  Green Dreams Are Made of These

This article is all about Halloween costumes and how to lessen your impact while still having a good time doing it. The Green Halloween Blog is full of other great articles about… you guessed it, going green on Halloween. Besides from just being a blog, they’re also an active organization helping to improve the way people celebrate Halloween across the nation. Here is a blurb from their about us page:

“We hope that Green Halloween® will inspire YOU to think outside the candy-box®. We are dedicated to offering fun, healthy, affordable, not-too-time consuming ideas that will support your goal of creating a Halloween that is happy and healthy for your kids and the planet we all share.”


From The Dirt on Green: I Vant to Suck Your Energy: The Truth About Vampire Power

This blog post is extra spooky! It tells the story of a Vampire that stalks our homes year round sucking away our energy without us even knowing. The worst part is, the energy disappears, never to be seen again… UNTIL YOUR POWER BILL COMES…. AAAAHHHH !!!!

Check out the article to find out how to protect yourself from this vicious creature.


From Seventh Generation: Eco-Friendly Fall Yard Work

It’s not too late to for some good old fashioned yard work before the cold sets in. Get out and enjoy some quality family time while preparing your yard for Winter. Seventh Generation put together this great article to guide you along so please go check it out.


 Happy Halloween from EnergyEarth!


— by: Thomas Weld of EnergyEarth

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